Make A Film in 2019

In 2019 Spectrospective is asking the autism community to share their experiences of work, to help break down myths around autism and employment, and help employers understand how they can provide more opportunity for autistic employees.


From little things to big – and everything in between – we want to know about your experience with work: what do you want or need from an employer to make work accessible and engaging for you?

We want to show a diverse range of experiences, from people who are working now or have in the past, to those who haven’t worked yet.

To create your Spectrospective film, answer these questions in your video

1. [If you are, or have been, employed] What is, or was, good about your workplace for you?
This is a good time to talk about any changes or adjustments that were made to support you.

2. What are, or were, the specific challenges for you at work?
In this answer, you could also talk about what could have helped you with these challenges

3. What changes do you think workplaces should make so that autistic employees are supported to have a positive work experience?
Whether you’ve worked before or not, this question is an opportunity for you to share your ideas for how employers can better support autistic people.

4. What advice would you give to autistic people who want to find a job?
In this answer, you could share your own experiences in getting a job, hiring other people for jobs, or in looking for work.

5. Bonus question for young people:
What do you want to be when you grow up, and why?

Whoever you are and whatever your experience with work, if you have a story about autism and employment, we want to hear it!

The only way people can understand what needs to change for autistic people to thrive at work is for you to tell them!

Share your stories and your own employment or volunteering experience – the good, the challenging and your wish or hope for what workplaces can do so that all autistic people have opportunities to find meaningful and fulfilling work.

More Information

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