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2019 Theme

Autism and Work

Work is an important part of life – it provides financial security, social connection and builds our self-esteem.

Autistic people face many barriers to finding and maintaining employment. In Australia, the unemployment rate for autistic people is 31% – almost six times that of people without disability. This year, Spectrospective is highlighting employment to build understanding about autism and work, and showcase the skills, strengths and ambitions autistic people bring to the workforce.

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Be part of the change

Do One Thing For Autism

You’ve made the first step, now it’s time to make change. 

Often the biggest barrier to employment for autistic people is employer attitudes – it’s time to change that. Head to Do One Thing For Autism to find out how to make the workplace and recruitment process more inclusive. Take a quiz to find out how much you know about autism, and make a pledge to do one simple thing.

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World Autism Acceptance Day 2019

Celebrate Tues April 2

Every year we celebrate World Autism Acceptance Day by sharing your stories to raise community understanding of autism.

Spectrospective will be shown online and at Village Cinemas across Victoria on 31 March to show the real experiences of autistic people and bust myths around autism ahead of WAAD on 2 April. Together, we can create a more inclusive, understanding world.

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Spectrospective on the Big Screen

Village Cinemas on board in 2019!

Spectrospective 2019 will once again screen at Village.

In support of World Autism Acceptance Day, Spectrospective partner Village Cinemas will host screenings of Spectrospective across Victoria and Tasmania on Sunday 31 March 2019. See it on the big screen!

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Thanks for sharing!

Entries have now closed! Dozens of autistic Australians have shared their stories of work, and now we’re down to work, creating Spectrospective 2019.

Autistic people were invited to be part of Spectrospective by submitting a short video about their employment experiences, challenges or ambitions. Whether they are working now, have worked in the past, or want to work in the future, every story is important. Thank you for sharing!

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1 in 100 Australians is autistic and 85% of the community has a personal connection to an autistic person. Autism is not a niche issue, it’s an important national conversation.

The media has an important role to play in building community understanding and support for autistic people and their families. Click the link below to find out more about responsible reporting of autism.

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