Make A Film. 2018 Entries Now Closed

In 2018 Spectrospective has asked the autism community to share their experiences of school and education, to help change the shape of education for autistic people.

From little things to big – and everything in between – we’ve asked the community to share what school is, was, or should be like by asking them to answer these three questions in their Spectrospective film.

1) What is or was good about your school for you? You might want to talk about any changes or adjustments that were made to support you.

2) What were the specific challenges for you at school? What could have helped you with these challenges?

3) What changes should schools make so that autistic students are supported to have a positive school experience where they can achieve like all other students?

The community has responded with many videos of individual’s lived experiences of autism and education, and their thoughts on how things could be better. Watch these films, and our hero compilation film, online here from Monday 2 April, 2018.

Spectrospective will be running again in 2019. To discover how easy it is to participate, download your Spectrospective Participant ‘How To’ Guide Pdf.

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Download Spectrospective Participant ‘How To’ Guide Pdf