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Spectrospective 2018: Autism and school

Inspiring, revealing and amazing, in 2018 Spectrospective focuses on autism and education.

Experience the triumphs, challenges and hopes for a better future for autistic students. Watch the film, explore the video gallery and understand more about what autistic students need to thrive in education.

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A short film every teacher should see

If you have autistic students in your classroom, watch this.

Gleaned from the real experiences of students and teachers and autism at school, this film presents a compelling, informative and illuminating insight into the challenges of autism in education.

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Understand the challenges autistic students face

Secondary school can be a major challenge for autistic students. Have a watch.

Focusing on the autistic teen school experience, this film offers a rare and confronting insight into the struggle to be social at school for autistic students.

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Safe, happy & flourishing

A mainstream school in Melbourne’s north-east, St. Monica’s College is committed to meeting the needs of all students – including those on the autism spectrum.

Discover the innovative Arrunga program the school is running and its effects on autistic students in delivering a safe and positive learning environment, collaborative team teaching, and community and parent involvement.

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An inspired future vision

Aspergers Victoria president Tamsin promotes a vision for our schools.

Where Aspergers minds are welcomed by the education system as the ‘creative wonders they are’, not as a burden. And where more emotionally intelligent, flexible school systems are able to nurture neuro-diverse students to flourish.

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The School Of Her Dreams

From feeling alienated, rejected and pigeon-holed throughout Years 7-11, Lilah’s Year 12 move to a school with a flexible learning environment has delivered the education experience she always craved.

A diverse and open culture has enabled Lilah to ‘own’ her autism, lifting her to new heights as she does so.

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Autism & Education

More than 8 in 10 autistic students face difficulties in education.

Autistic students without intellectual disability are 500% more likely to be rated as underperforming by their teachers than their traditionally developing peers.

The opportunity exists to now deliver school environments that allow autistic students – and neurotypical students – to flourish.

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Resources for schools

If you’re a teacher, student, parent or principal looking to make changes for autistic students in your school, our Resources for Schools is a great place to start!

Resources include a lesson plan, School Curriculum Plan, and Spectrospective 2018 the film.


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